We are now a part of North Bay Fire Department which encompasses seven of the CSA40 volunteer fire departments. The seven companies (from Fort Ross to Lakeville) have merged together to form one regional fire department - North Bay Fire, which falls under the administration umbrella of Gold Ridge Fire Protection District.

Two Rock Bloomfield Fire
7618 Valley Ford Rd
Petaluma, CA
(707) 789-0302

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volunteer fire images Our ranks are comprised of volunteers who sacrifice their energy, time and personal safety, to protect the lives and property of The Two Rock and Bloomfield community.

Being a volunteer firefighter these days
has never been more of a challenge.

Between the time required for training, meetings, responding to calls, maintenance duties, community outreach programs, social events, family commitments and real jobs, it is a wonder how the volunteers get it all done, but they do, and they do it well.

The Harder The Sacrifice,
The Greater The Reward.
Two Rock - Bloomfield Fire are dedicated to be ready to roll with top of the line emergency equipment and with professionally trained personnel to respond to any 911 incident.

Volunteer - Support - Donate
You can make a difference in someone's life.

In connection with North Bay Fire,
Two Rock - Blooomfield Fire provides a critically important link in the protection of the West Petaluma Area.