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Train, Train, Train.

Two Rock Trail

Team Two Rock

Meet the Board of Directors

The primary interests of the Two Rock Community is to to provide emergency medical response and fire suppression services within the boundaries of Two Rock Valley.

Two Rock Volunteer Fire Department was established by the Community to provide emergency medical response & fire suppression services as well as to supplement the efficiency of the Sonoma County Department of Emergency Services.

It is the desire the Two Rock Community to select individuals for nomination to the Board of Directors who, if elected, will best serve the interests of the Community in this regard for safety of Two Rock Valley and it's surrrounding neighbors.

Criteria for Two Rock Board of Director's and prospective candidates
  • A love for the Two Rock community.

  • Personal maturity and leadership skills.

  • Integrity and a commitment to ethical behavior.

  • An understanding of Two Rock business and financial affairs.

  • A genuine interest in representing the Two Rock community.

  • A desire to preserve the history of the Two Rock Fire Department.

  • Agreement to spend the time required to function effectively as a Director

Two Rock Board of Directors
  • Tom Nunes, President
  • Jill Martin, Vice President
  • Susan Bianchi,Treasurer
  • Ernie Nunes, Facility Coordinator
  • Delmar Freidrichson, Chief Organizer
  • Kathy Tresch, Secretary
  • John Monahan, Corresponding Secretary